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Le Boutique Club Madrid

LEBOUTIQUE CLUB is a new and cosmopolitan club and bar concept that integrates the sophistication of the fashion world, the vanguard of electronic music and the best nightlife services.

In the middle of the most prestigious area in Madrid, Serrano street is one of the main point of fashion in Spain, with the highest concentration of luxury and  prêt-à-porter shops in Madrid. This space dedicated to fashion, is only comparable to the Fifth Avenue in New York, Saint Honoré or Les Champsm Elysses in Paris and Bond St. in London. Surrounded by this atmosphere of trends, Le Club Boutique is intended as a meeting point for lovers of fashion. The spectacular area has inspired the prestigious designer of entertainment spaces Parolio & Euphoria Lab to develop an interior design project that reflects sophistication and modernity evoking the "boutiques" and international fashion shows.

Furniture specially designed for this place.
The luxurious atmosphere is transmitted through the generous and innovative use of materials in the furniture designed exclusively for it, completed with three-dimensional ceramics manufactured in Milan, metal and wood stamped with laser, granite, leather-upholstered benches with original designs and columns coated with the Danish company Kvadrat.

Le Boutique Club Madrid

The large room contains three bars and two spacious VIP areas inthe center court, with elegant black and white benches designed as the front rows, of fashionshowa. Six stunning lampsas if they were  shop-windowmannequin, manufactured in Milan, gloss black lacquered that giveoriginal points of light andadd personality and uniqueness into space.

Le Boutique Club Madrid

Video-wall to project the best fashion shows.
Three large bars are scattered throughout the store. The bar "Boutique Video" has a spectacular "video wall" of seven meters wide for playing videos of fashion designers and trends of high artistic value and the parades of the last weeks of the international fashion capitals.

Le Boutique Club Madrid

On the other hand the bar "Champagne Boutique Fetish" has a delicate glass mirror were collections of Christian Louboutin's legendary limited edition shoes with champagne are shown. While the bar "Boutique Blanche" is a white oasis where they prepare the most refreshing cocktails.

And in the middle of the room you can see, defining the dance floor, a ceiling of general circular design with 1000 pixel RGB LED points, Robotics and RGB laser and the best sound system to encourage nights LE BOUTIQUECLUB

Le Boutique Club

Details have been cared even in the toilets, the walls are lined with fashionable photographic images printed on wood. The mirrors are designed as fashion magazines so when customers look into the mirror, they are reflected in the cover. The doors of the cabins of the girls are labeled with the names of legendary supermodels like Linda, Naomi, Kate and Cindy. Inside cabins are mirror and lighting installations LED with pictures of famous models.

Press release

To facilitate the realization of more complex private events LE BOUTIQUE CLUB has a functional infrastructure and special logistic. The space has a huge private entrance, kind of the gateway entry in fashion shows, over 20 meters long, perfect for the development of red carpets, with an area for press and photocall, and all facilities with robotic lighting techniques, RGB laser and video with a video wall to project videos.
LE BOUTIQUE CLUB was born with the conviction to become a key space in the capital and for that, it makes an ambitious commitment to the internationally well-known night in Madrid, investing in the latest technology, memorable design, luxurious interior, sound quality and offering the best premium brands on the market with a winery that has limited editions and personalized service, high quality.

Opening hours from 12:00 am to 05:30 am
Valet parking is available.

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